Understanding Trout Behavior

The best way to become an outstanding angler is to understand the behavior of a trout. By knowing how the various trout species behave and react, you will significantly improve your ability to catch the fish. Keep in mind, that just like animals and other fish, each of the trout species have their own characteristics. Knowing how to identify these characteristics is what puts you in control.

For you to understand trout's characteristics, you need to learn about their feeding habits, how they react to predators, how they see, smell, taste, etc. For you to accomplish this, you need to get into the mind of the trout. In other words, you need to understand the psychology of how a trout lives and survives.

By starting to think like a trout, you will gain a completely new perspective of what needs to happen to be a great angler. Once you learn about the five senses and the role that each plays, you will become more and more successful with each fishing trip. This information is what is going to make your adventure more exciting and your dinner plate fuller. However, before we get to the senses, let us first start with refraction. This will help you understand how trout use their senses to detect predators and to find food.

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