Under Cast

The method of casting is not used very often, which is a real shame. With this method, you would cast from the side of your body going under the horizontal plane. Start your motion at the side of your body and then just a little below. Flick the rod under and the spinner out to the water.

The under cast is a little more challenging than other casting methods but once you get the hang of it, you will love it. With this casting method, you will be able to work around low hanging branches as well as gain access to water that you might otherwise not fish in.

When using the under cast, it is important that you use the right rod. If the rod is too long, then you might have difficulty with clearance. Because this method of casting generates little power through the rod, the distance of the cast is reduced. Even so, with a little practice, you will be surprised by the accuracy and fun of using the under cast.

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