Trout Food

The art of the catch when it comes to trout is quite interesting. Keep in mind that trout may strike at a lure out of aggression and not for food. Many fish are territorial with trout being one. In fact, if you have fished for trout before, you might have caught one or two by the tail or the side of the body. The reason this happens is that the fish becomes aggressive with the lure and tries to push it away, thinking it is something trying to invade or cause injury. The result is a hook in the wrong place.

You will also find that trout has a very curious nature, always wanting to know what things are. In fact, they may see bait and want to know what it is. The response is they will bump up against it or they may even put the hook in their mouth to taste it but not actually take the bite. Many longtime anglers will tell you that when they cut open the belly of a trout, you can see that they are a curious fish because the belly is full of pebbles, sticks, and other things from the water.

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