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Many different factors come into play to determine the time of day when a trout will feed. For instance, there is the water temperature, light intensity, visibility of the water, and the number of times a particular trout has been the focus of a catch.

To get you started, remember that early morning and late afternoon are great times to fish for trout because the light is not as bright during these times. If you like to fish in the summertime when the atmosphere is hot and the water warm, you will discover that the trout search for places to hide where they can enjoy the coolness of the shade. Although fishing these times can be a little more challenging, if you use a bright, shiny spinner, you can be successful.

If fishing small lakes, rivers, or streams is more to your liking, keep in mind that trout are a little more skeptical and will hide for long amounts of time but if you fish larger bodies of water, as soon as the threat of any predators pass, the trout will come out from their hiding place and once again feed.

Trout feed the most when the water temperature reaches between 50° to 68° F. Because they are naturally cold-bloodied creatures, trout use the water help reach and maintain warm bodies. For this reason, one of the best tools you can take with you every time you trout fish is a water thermometer. A thermometer is inexpensive and can make a huge different in how you fish. Simply test the water temperature about once or twice an hour.

Keep in mind that whenever the water temperature reaches degrees lower than 45 degrees Fahrenheit trout go into a period of hibernation, which causes them to become lethargic. Interestingly, when the temperature reaches degrees of 77° F, the exact same thing happens.

When water temperatures become too warm for trout, the oxygen supply needed to survive is depleted, meaning warm water temperatures and low oxygen levels make the trout miserable. It would like you being outdoors in the sun without having access to shade or water to help cool the body down. Your breathing would be a little more difficult and you would feel miserable, which is the same way trout feel. For trout to survive, the water has to have three parts per million of dissolved oxygen. The warmer water becomes, the more uncomfortable the trout.

Trout are one of those species of fish that love to eat. During the warm, summer months, a trout will eat as much as possible to build a layer of outer fat to help keep its body warm when the weather turns cold. While they will search for food when the winter comes, they typically are not nearly as active, saving their energy as much as possible.

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