Tackle bags are designed with internal pockets that make carrying tackle a cinch. You will find all different sizes but keep in mind that while the larger size might be tempting to buy, it could be overkill. This means you will be carrying more than you need too, again leading to fatigue that will affect the way you fish.

Instead, look for a tackle bag that will accommodate the things you like to carry on fishing trips, one that is made from canvas or cordura, and one that has a shoulder strap, making it easy to carry. Remember that after you catch your trout, you need to haul them back to the campsite or home. Therefore, the bag needs to be easy to handle. Finally, look for a tackle bag designed with clips or zippers, has an insulated lining, and is waterproof.

You might be scratching your head on this one but you can be sure that a water thermometer can make a huge difference in how well you fish on a particular day. By measuring the water temperature, you can tell if the trout are likely to be active or quiet. You can also use the water temperature to determine the type of spinner most appropriate for that body of water.

Just remember to test the water's temperature about once an hour or two. This will keep you on top of the current condition, which allows you the opportunity to make adjustments as needed.

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