Interestingly, many anglers get out on the water and forget one very important thing - sunglasses. As you have learned earlier in this book, to be good at trout fishing, you need to be able to see the environment, both outside and inside the water. If you are without sunglasses, the water will have a glare making it hard to see much of anything. To help you see through the water, a pair of quality, polarized sunglasses will soon become your best friend.

This type of sunglasses helps by cutting the glare on the water's surface. Additionally, sunglasses act as a protective cover for the eyes. If you have ever been trout fishing before, chances are you have become snagged on something and trying to get it undone you tug on the line only to have the spinner come flying back toward you. This is an accident waiting to happen so by keeping your sunglasses on, you keep your eyes safe from flying hooks.

Although there are many different colors from which to choose, burnt orange or yellow is the best. This will let you see environmental contract while reducing the glare.

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