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One piece of equipment that you will find in every angler's tackle box is spinners. A well made spinner will work with you to attract the trout, whether you choose to use bait or not. For this reason, the spinner is the ideal way to catch fish without the mess of having to use bait.

Fishing conditions change based on a number of factors such as weather, current, height, depth, clarity, and width of the water, shelter, and so on. This means that the spinner you use will change depending on the conditions on the day you fish. As an example, if you go trout fishing on a cloudy day, you would choose a brightly colored spinner whereas on a sunny day, you would want a dull or matt finish spinner.

The important thing to remember when choosing spinners is that the color of the water will have a huge influence on the color you choose. Keep in mind that water, regardless of how dark or clear, it acts as a dense medium that works to filter out light. Additionally, water becomes darker the deeper it is since light cannot penetrate through that far.

In darker water, once you cast the spinner into the water, its ability to produce reflection changes. That means that while you might see a bright yellow with shiny blade, or a matte finish, it looks different from the trout's viewpoint. Therefore, keep this in mind when you shop for spinners in comparison with the water you will be fishing. Let us break this down a little more so you have the information needed to choose the right spinner.

When it comes to spinners, anglers typically think of fly-fishing. However, trout fishing also uses spinners and by keeping the right spinners as a part of your equipment, you will be amazed at how much benefit you will enjoy. For instance, when choosing spinners, you will consider three primary things:

1. Design

2. Form

3. Function

To help you make the best decision when it comes to spinners, you need to educate yourself on how they work and why. First, spinners are made with a shaft that runs down the axis.

Another piece called a clevis then attaches the blade to the shaft. Sitting between the spinner's body and the clevis is a bearing that is designed to produce a smooth and easy spin action of the blade. The size, style, and weight of the spinner are what allow the angler to cast and reach better

distances. The hook is then attached to the spinner's body and come in a number of shapes and sizes.

Typically, the single or treble hook is used but the key is to use only hooks that are razor sharp. This allows you to set the hook quickly, does not tear the trout's mouth, and actually increases your odds of catching the fish.

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