Spinner Loss

Unfortunately, many anglers make the mistake of spending too much thought and time worrying about losing spinners. After all, when trout fishing you are going to be casting over rocks, around shrubbery, and over tree branches, which means that spinners will be lost no matter how careful you are.

If you focus so much on the spinner so you do not lose it, you will not be casting properly, which will affect the way in which you cast. This mentality needs to change if you want to be a good angler and catch an abundance of trout. Do you remember when we recommended you consider making some of your own spinners? This is why. By making your own, you save money and thereby can afford to lose them more often without worrying about the money going down the drain.

By focusing solely on the spinner and ways not to lose it, you are limiting yourself to fishing only areas without obstacles. Why is that bad? Well, as discussed in earlier chapters, trout love shelter. They love the fallen trees, overgrown riverbanks, the shrubbery, the reeds, all the types of obstacles that are ideal for becoming snagged. If you only fish safe areas, you will not be catching very many trout. By changing your mindset and overcoming this concern about spinners, you are opening the doors of opportunity.

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