As mentioned, the speed of the retrieval is crucial. If you retrieve the spinner too slow, the blade will not rotate as it is designed to do. When this happens, a greater level of reflection or flash is produced and the more excited the trout will become. Too much reflection or flash can over excite the trout, which is not what you want to happen.

Good quality spinners are made to pulsate as they move through the water. This pulsating action serves several purposes. First, it helps you determine the speed at which the spinner is moving in the water so you can slow the retrieval down or speed it up as needed. Remember, when the spinner is moving too quickly, you are reducing the number of strikes. Therefore, retrieve as slow as you can, keeping with the current.

Second, because you will hit various pockets of water, you will need to change the speed of the retrieval rate. The pulsating helps you make the right decision based on the pocket. Third, the pulsating works in your favor by being another factor that attracts the trout.

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