Smell and Taste

Can smell travel in water? You bet it can. In fact, smells travel as water-soluble particles and travel exceedingly well. If you are fishing for trout using spinners or artificial lures, various scents will help make them more appealing. Unfortunately for the angler but great for the trout - the worse the bait smells, the more it will work to attract the fish.

The nasal passages that trout have are lined with special sensory cells. Additionally, trout have taste buds similar to those of a human that help them determine not just the type of bait but also how long ago the bait was in the water and the direction in which it went.

Because of these sensory cells and taste buds, trout have another up on anglers in that they do not have to put the entire bait in their mouths to taste it. They can simply nudge it or get a whiff of it to know exactly what it is.

These nasal passageways go from the nostril of the trout to the olfactory organ. In addition, each of the trout's nostrils is lined with more than 400,000 odor-sensing cells. To help you catch more fish, consider the following tips:

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  • Avoid chewing tobacco or smoking or any kind while fishing. The very smell of tobacco will spook the fish.
  • Avoid all "negative smells", which would include gasoline, perfume, oil, and so on.
  • If you need to use suntan lotion or sun block on sunny days, be sure that you wash your hands thoroughly and then use a positive smell before handling your fishing rod and spinner.
  • Rub scents onto the spinners. However, before you do this, make sure your hands and rod are dusted with dirt or mud to mask any natural skin oils or human smells that would spook the trout.
  • If you are fishing with a group of friends, whichever one catches the first trout should use its slime from the body to coat the spinner, which will help give it a fish smell, thus enhancing the fish. These are called "positive smells", which can also be found with maggots, worms, cheese, and human saliva.

Keep in mind that smells, regardless if they are positive or negative, will travel great distances and linger in water for a long time.

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