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The way that spinner size is determined is by the weight. For this reason, when you fish with large spinners, you will find that you can cast further because the spinner is heavier than a smaller spinner.

Typically, a large spinner will be made with a larger blade, which creates more surface area. This additional surface area is what produces a higher degree of reflection or flash. If you are fishing large trout, then you need a large spinner just as if fishing smaller trout, you would choose a smaller spinner. It is important to understand that the weight of spinner changes from one manufacturer to another but to give you a good idea of what to look for you can use the following table, which shows how spinners are sold in number of grams/ounces:



0 1.5


1 2


2 3.5


3 5


4 7


5 10


Another consideration when buying spinners is that just as the heavier spinner will allow you to cast further, it also allows you to fish deeper. Therefore, when fishing around riverbeds, large rocks, or other obstacles, the heavier spinner works very well. If you move to an area of water that is less obstructed and shallower, you would switch out the spinner to one that is lighter so it is not dragging on the bottom and becoming snagged.

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