Riverbank Fishing

If you are just starting out learning to fish for trout, you will find that almost every lake, river, or stream you go to will have anglers standing on the riverbank. This method of fishing can be quite productive and offers some great advantages. For one, you are not in the water so you stay dry and warm, which again, allows you to remain focused on the casting and retrieval and not how miserable you are.

If you are fishing on a body of water that is not wide, you can have a lot of fun and success with riverbank fishing. The one disadvantage is that on a wide body of water, even if you have the best rod for distance casting, you will have limitations. This means that some of the great pockets or pools will not be reached and you miss fishing some prime spots.

Another disadvantage of riverbank fishing is that when you stand up to cast, what happens? You create a shadow that can be seen by the trout. Do you remember what you learned about refraction and how it relates to the trout's window of vision? To reduce this problem when fishing from the shore is to kneel or buy a comfortable chair that sits low to the ground from which you can fish. Although you might need to stand up to cast, once your line is in the water, you want to get as low to the ground as possible.

Additionally, when fishing from the riverbank, you need to pay special attention to the color of clothing you wear. Why is this important? Again, because you will automatically be more visible to the trout, you need to blend in with the environment as much as you can. If the riverbank is lush and green, then wear green. If you are on a riverbank with rocks, where the color is monotone, then choose gray.

One last disadvantage is that some riverbanks are overgrown with tons of vegetation that can make casting and retrieval a challenge. In this case, you might find a larger rock where you can perch or even a tree branch that hangs over the water just a little to give you a better position.

Although there are some things that are a little more difficult with riverbank fishing, overall this method can be very successful. Since trout like water that is cool and comfortable, the riverbank fishing lets you fish cool water without getting into it, which is a huge benefit.

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