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A great option is to make your own spinner. You might thing that this is difficult but it is actually easy once you know how. The nice thing about making your own spinners is that because this is such an inexpensive prospect, you lose the mentality of losing your spinner in shrubbery, dead trees, rocks, and so on. When this happens, you have the ability to focus on the fishing rather than loosing the spinner, which allows you to fish better.

You can check out the following books and websites where tips are provided on ways to make your own spinners for pennies:

  • Fishing with Artificial Lures: The Complete Guide to Catching Fish on Spinners, Plugs, Soft Plastics, Jigs, Spoons, and Flies - Jeff Simpson (Editor), Kris Boom (Photographer), Jerry Robb (Photographer) -ISBN: 0865731101. This resource is a great place to learn exactly the type of lures you should consider carrying in your tackle box. With more than 300 color photographs and clear information, you will love all the techniques that are outlined for your use.
  • The Complete Book of Tackle Making - C. Boyd Pfeiffer - ISBN: 1558217215. This reference is outstanding for making top quality lures. With a full 27 chapters full of information, you will learn everything you need to know for making lures and more!
  • Clemson - This wonderful website provides a pdf file full of valuable information on making lures.

The following can be used to keep in your journal as a quick reference when it comes to choosing the right spinner for each scenario:

Water Temperature/Environment

Spinner Type

Cold water, overcast sky

Large, silver plate finish

Cold water, sunny sky

Larger, silver or gold plate finish

Cool water, overcast sky

Medium, gold to copper finish

Cool water, sunny day

Medium, polished brash to black finish

Warm water, overcast sky

Small, tarnished brass to dull black finish

Warm water, sunny day

Small, black finish

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