Physical Characteristics

Just as you need to know what different prey look like, you also need to understand the features of the trout. For starters, a trout has a very distinguishable mouth. When the mouth is closed, the trout is able to camouflage itself quite well. However, when the mouth opens, a reflection of light occurs in the water from this action.

Additionally, the tail is important to recognize in that it creates motion. The two things you want to watch for include movement of the water caused by the fish moving its tail and by what appears to be a foreign object in the water, which is actually the vertical edge of the tail.

You might also see what appears to be a line or very thin stick in the water, which in fact, can be the actual fish as the top half naturally blends in with the environment. This is simply a way for the trout to use its camouflaging abilities, which is quite effective.

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