Pants Shirts

You might not have even known that such a thing existed, but it does. The most important things to consider when you buy pants and shirts include color, comfort, drying time, and warmth.

Pants and shirts are nice for fishing in hotter weather when you do not need the bulk or heavy material that you would get when wearing waders. However, these special pants and shirts will provide the benefit of protection against tree branches and shrubs that will scratch.

For trout fishing in the summertime when the environment is hot, cotton pants and shirts are the best choice in that they will provide the needed protection yet help keep you cool. Try to find colors that would blend in with the environment, which will help you from being spotted so easily by the fish. A great option is camouflage as well as greens and blues.

For trout fishing in the fall or winter, you can still use your cotton pants or shirts by wearing them under waders rather than alone. Just remember to add other warm apparel such as a hat, socks, and gloves so you stay well insulated against the cold environment. Again, when you are comfortable, you can focus on the fishing and not on how miserable you might be feeling.



A vest is an important piece of attire for every angler, whether you just fish occasionally or every weekend. These vests are designed to provide warmth by protecting you from the elements to include wind. Depending on the type of vest, you buy, you can choose from styles that have insulation so you can fish any time of the year.

An angler's vest is practical and can help you with the sport to be more successful. For instance, rather than needing to run back to shore every time you get your line snagged, or changing out your spinner because the sun dipped behind some clouds, you can use your vest.

With multiple pockets, you can store everything you need that you would normally keep in your tackle box. Just imagine having lures, spinners, pliers, a pocketknife, line, and so on right there on your person. All you have to do is unzip or unclip the pocket, pull out what you need, and you are ready to keep fishing.

A great feature that you will find in some angler vests is what is called an "external hook pad". This pad allows you to quickly and easily hook your favorite spinner, set your line up, and then get back to fishing without having to dig around for anything. Just be sure you do not overdo with all the equipment, as it is easy to put too much in your vest, head out to the middle of a stream or river, and then realize you are too weighted down. When this happens, your mind starts to wander to the uncomfortable weight and not on the bites that you might be getting.

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