Male or Female

You can tell a male from a female trout by looking at the formation of the lower jaw. The female does not have a hook or kype like that of the male as seen in the photo to the left. Additionally, for the female, she will have an egg sac located near the stomach. Unfortunately, this sac is not detectible until after the fish is caught and the fish gutted, at which time the sac would be revealed and filled with eggs.

The photo of the male to the right shows the difference in the formation of the head. Typically, the male's head has a more pointed shape while the female's head tends to have a round shape.

Another interesting fact is that the sex of trout you catch in lakes or those that have recently joined a river will be a bit more challenging to identify. These trout have a chrome color that is bright, which makes it a little harder to distinguish by the nose formation.

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  • euan
    How do you tell a female trout from a male?
    8 years ago

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