Locating Trout

  • We have talked about the type of food that trout like, the places I they like to hide, and the three things trout need to survive. However, in this chapter, you will learn about the various ways of locating trout beyond what you have learned thus far. Keep in mind that as the anger, you will find trout based on a number of | factors that include:
  • Bubbles - Rather than appearing as water bubbling because of the current, these bubbles will appear randomly and for no reason
  • Eye contact - If the water is clear and the sky sunny, there are times when you can actually see trout simply by looking through the water
  • Shadows - Sometimes, these can be hard to see but will often appear as darker spots underneath the water's surface
  • Surface ripples - These can be caused by the trout rising or moving in the water
  • Water movement - This might be a flash of light as the fish turns or an area under the water that changes from light to dark or vice versa

Once you determine where the trout are based on these factors, you will obviously have a much better time fishing and a more successful day of catching. Instead of just looking out over the water and hoping that, the location is good, use a systematic approach that will dramatically increase your odds of making a catch.

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