Although a landing net is used more for fishing on the shore, it can provide a lot of assistance to bring the trout in to you. After you have reeled the trout to the shore, you can simply reach out with the net and scoop it up. By doing this, the trout has less chance of getting off the hook after all the work of catching it.

When looking at nets to buy, you want to find one that is bigger than the typical size of trout you catch. In fact, many anglers will have more than one net to accommodate all sizes of fish. Trout are tricky with a reputation for getting into the net, being unhooked by the angler, and then jumping right back into the water. For this reason, a small net will work against you instead of for you.

A bigger net will also help keep the trout secure while you remove the hook it. The best type of net is one designed with a wax-like net or one made from nylon. This will ensure the net lasts for years of trout fishing. The best option is one made with a wood or cast aluminum handle. Just be sure the handle feels comfortable in your hands while still providing the needed strength. Remember that when you are not using the net, you will be carrying it around. Therefore, make sure the design is lightweight yet sturdy.

Look for a landing net that comes with a loop on the handle. This will allow you to attach it to a rope or simply carry it over your shoulder while casting so it does not get in the way but is there when you need it. The nets designed with a loop are designed for quick release so you do not waste precious time fumbling to get it ready to use.

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