■ You might not think that a journal can help you catch more trout but nothing could be further from the truth. When you keep track of water temperatures, the environmental conditions during the time of day and year you fish, the location of where you fish, number of fish caught, the type of spinner used, and so on, you can use this information to make comparisons.

For example, let us say you keep track of each lake, river, and stream. You will learn where the trout lie, the type of spinner they like, the best time of day to fish that water, and so on. That means the next time you go to fish that same body of water, you are already ten steps ahead of the game. In other words, much of the guesswork has been eliminated simply by keeping a journal.

When it comes to trout fishing, the rules change based on weather, water temperature, type of bait or spinner, lighting, and other things. Making some entries into a journal helps you adapt when necessary. Although you will need to do on-going analysis since things do change, you will have an advantage over the other guys fishing the same water. The result is that you will go home with a huge catch of trout and they will not.

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