Although a little different, gaiters are somewhat like a pair of waders in that they are waterproof and rather than cover the entire lower portion of the body, they cover from the knees down. The great thing about gaiters is that you can wear them in the winter for wading in cold streams or in the summer to protect your legs from shrubbery, rocks, and so on. Therefore, they actually serve a purpose regardless of the time of year you enjoy trout fishing.


Waders offer a huge advantage to anglers. Typically made from PVC, this outer type garment is worn over fishing pants or even jeans. You can buy waders in lengths that reach the hip or chest and because the PVC waders are waterproof, you can get out into the lake, river, or stream and not becoming wet.

The main goal is to provide the lower body with protection from the cool water temperatures and even the air temperatures. The feet are designed as boots that keep your feet dry, warm, and prevent slippage. Waders are all one piece so they are easy to put on and take off.

In some cases, waders can be made from a material called neoprene, which is the same type of wetsuit material that divers use. Now keep in mind that waders made from neoprene are not waterproof but they do offer great water resistance and insulation to keep the body warm.

In the past several years, new materials have been developed that allow the body to breathe yet still keep it dry and warm. One of the most popular of these is Gore-Tex. This particular type of material is very similar to PVC, which can be worn over regular clothing and you can choose from foot type of either sock or boot.

By wearing waders as you trout fish, you will have the ability to stay in the water for longer amounts of time without becoming cold or uncomfortable. The way they work is to internalize the body's heat so you can wade into deep areas of the water without worrying about the cold. When you can get into these deep waters, you can cast better and many times, find more trout.

Along with the multiple advantages, the one disadvantage is that if you were to slip on a rock and fall, the waders would fill rapidly with water. When that happens, you are instantly weighted down and thereby in a situation for potential drowning. For this reason, when you buy your waders, always buy the type that have "quick release clips" that are designed for this very reason.

With these clips, the minute you slip and fall, you simply unbuckle or release the clip to escape the wader. The only other real disadvantage is that while waders are excellent for allowing you to get into deeper water, if you choose waders that are not breathable, during the summertime, you will become quite hot and then experience being miserable for another reason.

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