To be a good angler, you have to have the mindset of flexibility. Unfortunately, many anglers have become stuck in the mindset that if they go home without fish, they have failed. Sure, the purpose of trout fishing is to catch fish to bring home but if you happen to have an off day, you should walk away with the feeling that you had a great time and learned something from that day's experience.

To be flexible means to be open minded about learning ways to become a better angler. Get excited about learning new ways to cast, how to make your own spinners, or different bodies of water to try. Be open minded to new techniques, ideas, and equipment. What you want to avoid is becoming stagnant in your thinking. When this happens, you never become a better angler and soon, all the joy of fishing is gone.

Remember, trout change. They know how to adapt to temperatures, predators, water type, and many other factors. Therefore, if you are not willing or able to

adapt to change just like the trout, you will come out the loser every time you go fishing.

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