With these reels such as the Spinning Reel to the right, you can choose from either a front or read-drag adjustment system. Although most anglers prefer the read drag, the choice is yours to make.

Rear Drag - The nice thing about the rear drag is that they help keep just the right amount of line out when you get hold of a fighting trout. If you have ever been trout fishing before, then you know exactly the level of fight this fish can put up. With this option, you will find that they have a large screw located on the back that is easy to access so adjustments can be made.

• During the fight, if you have a front drag system such as ^^

this Threadline, you will find that resetting the line would iwf7* be time-consuming and difficult. While trying to catch ^BT the trout, you want to keep your focus on the fight and ^^^

not on the excess line that you are trying to control. Additionally, the front drag system makes getting to the front portion of the reel harder since most have an adjustment screw that gets in the way.

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