The depth that you present your spinner is also important. Since trout like close to the riverbed, the key is to cast the spinner, getting as close to the riverbed as you can. How do you accomplish this? Make sure you are wearing clothes as well as the equipment (rod, reel, line, and spinner) matches the environment in which you are fishing.

How can you tell if you are fishing close to the riverbed? The answer is that you will fee the spinner bump on rocks or dragging. Just remember that when you feel this, you need to pull in a little line. You do not want to be on the bottom, just close to it. When you fish on the bottom, the spinner blade cannot spin and is therefore, not doing its job by producing flash.

You can allow the spinner to drop to the bottom and once you hit, and then pull up a little bit. Once you have done that, you can begin the retrieval process, taking care to keep the spinner at a consistent depth. It is also important that you retrieve slowly and at a consistent rate. If you begin to retrieve too fast, what happens is that the spinner begins to move upward toward the water's surface, which is not where the trout are located.

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