When buying fishing line, you will have a number of options. For instance, you can buy spools that contain certain footage or you can buy in bulk, which offers great advantages. Many anglers enjoy the huge cost savings of buying in bulk and if you plan to fish often, this is the way to go.

The nice thing about buying in large quantity is that if you are like most anglers, you will snag your line on a regular basis. As your line becomes caught up in a tree or shrub, sometimes the only way to get the line un-snagged is to pull it hard, which either breaks it or weakens it. When this happens, once you have a bite, reeling the trout in can be a problem as the line stretches and fatigues. By having saved so much money with bulk, you can afford to lose some.

Fishing line can also be damaged by the sun, wind, and even over time. Remember that the more your fishing line is fatigued, the weaker it becomes. Eventually, it will break down, requiring you to replace the entire reel. Having purchased the line in bulk, this is easy and inexpensive.

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