Bull Trout salvelinus confluentus

Bull Trout were most commonly known for living in large rivers all the way from the Rocky Mountains to Alberta, Canada. The Bull Trout is a member of the North American salmon family but today, is listed on the endangered list in the United States. Sadly, the future of the Bull Trout is not a positive one.

Bull Trout can be identified by a unique white edge that runs down the fins as well as a light yellow to crimson spots that sit against a darker color such as brown or olive green. The tail has a slight fork to it and the dorsal fin does not have any spots at all, and the head is broad and long.

This is a large species of trout that lives on insects as well as juvenile fish, primarily Mountain Whitefish. Two problems leading to the demise of the Bull Trout include their popularity, meaning they have been fished more often that what they can spawn, and the spawning period is very slow compared with other trout species. In most cases, the Bull Trout can live up to 20 years and efforts are underway through trout farms to maintain this species so it will one day again be in abundance to fish.

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