Brown Trout salmo trutta

Trutta is the Latin word that translates to "trout". This particular species has an olive brown or dark brown colored back while the lower section of the body tends to be a silverfish color. On the head, body, and dorsal fin you will see large black spots and on the midline are either orange or red spots. Some Brown Trout will also have spots that seem halo.

The tail of the Brown Trout is square, the jaw is long, and the head tends to be a little on the pointed side. For this species of trout, there are

Trout With Black Dot Dorsal Fin
to be encircled by a

generally 10 to 12 anal rays, which is the same characteristic as the Rainbow Trout.

A fascinating note about the Brown Trout is that of all the species, they have a longer life expectancy of about 10 years. If you catch Brown Trout in lakes, you will probably notice that they have a pale color that is silver that run on the belly and sides. The Brown Trout that are sea-run, being those that come to the river from the ocean, have a definite silver color that makes them sometimes mistaken for Steelhead Trout.

You will also notice that Brown Trout have very large scales over other species of trout. In fact, if you were to catch a mature fish in this species, it is quite possible that the scales could even be embedded into the skin.

Many experienced anglers refer to Brown Trout as the "Fisherman's Fish" since they have a keen sense of awareness, making them a challenge to catch. This species of trout is known for escaping predators far better than any other trout species, which is why they outlive other trout.

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