The silver plate finish would work best when fishing for trout in cold, high flowing water that is deep and without much light. Because the silver plate is the brightest of all finishes, it produces a strobe-like flash that works well in these conditions. Therefore, when fishing deep or murky water, go with a brighter spinner. In fact, you will discover that the level of improvement when using this equation can be as high as 30%!

On the low end of the spectrum is the black finish, which produces little to no light. When you fish on a sunny day in clear, warm, and slow-moving water with low levels, the dull finish is the perfect choice. Again, if you were to use a bright of high-flash spinner in this situation, you would actually spook the trout. However, with the dull finish, you still capture the trout's curiosity without spooking it.

A good guideline to follow is that when fishing in clear, cold water on a cloudy day you want to go with large bright spinners that fall in the silver plate to polished copper range. When fishing on a sunny day when the water is cold, stick with large spinners that range from gold plate to polished brass.

Now if you are fishing in these scenarios and not having much luck catching trout, switch out the spinners and experiment a little. Sometimes, trout will decide to change things up and this is where the flexibility comes into play. However, in most situations, the closer to the right spinner finish you can come, the more successful you will be.

Another consideration when it comes to spinner finish is the detailing. You will see that some have dots, wiggly lines, or various patterns, which are used to entice the trout. There is no real set method for using patterned spinners. The best thing to do is try several different types in the waters where you fish and then log the reaction of the trout in your journal. This will help you remember which patterned spinner works best in which body of water.

These patterns and designs are intended to create change. Do you remember when we discussed how trout are curious? When they see something out of the norm, they often will come close to investigate. You might feel the trout nudge the spinner several times, as it tries to determine what it is. Working the spinner, you can evoke a strike.

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