Baitcaster and Levelwind

Both of these reel types such as the Baitcaster in the left-hand photo are top-mounted, which makes this design a little bulkier than other reels. Unfortunately, with this problem of bulk and added weight, the reel is not as balanced, which can be a big contributor of the angler's fatigue.

On a positive note, these reels have an outstanding clutch or drag system as well as top capacity. This is great in that you can load the reel with more line than what you could with other reels.

With these reels, just like the Levelwind Reel in this photo, you will need to have a rod that can mount on the top. Additionally, these rods are available in a pistol grip or straight-type handle. Although you will need to practice more with these styles to master them, once you do, in return you will have a much higher degree of accuracy with your casting.

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