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2-5 2010

Double your pleasure and double your fun with two tournaments In the spread this Fourth of July weekend!

The Bermuda Billfish Blast is a tournament thai is designed to provide a fun Bermuda competition that works in concert with the (uiy 4 Blue Marlin World Cup. If you haven't heard already, the World Cup has heen won in Bermuda six times, including the 2009 event.

The Bermuda Billfish Blast will serve as the first Leg of the Bermuda Triple Crown Btlirish Championship. Boats fishing the Blast compete for cash and prizes while earning valuable points toward the championship. Throw in n Wortd Cup entry and you will have a real shot at big money, all in Bermuda.

There will be no shortage of parties and camaraderie during the week. Our casual kickofi party and awards banquet will be held at I he Princess Hotel, and Bacardi will make sure we don't run out of spirits al the daily weigh-in mixing stations.

With the Blast, World Cup and Triple Crown up lor grabs, there will be plenty of fireworks on the water in Bprmuda. So why not start the season off right and fish the Bermuda Billfish Blast?

For more information about the Bermuda Billfish Blast, call 407-571-4680 or e mail Da [email protected]

For discounted room rates, ca!l our host resorl, the Fairmont Hamilton Princess, at 800-441 -1414, mention the tournament and reserve your room today.

For a free Vacation Planner, call us at 800-Bermuda or visit


Bacardi Rum Billfish Tournament





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Badges of honor are not earned easily. They come only after hours on the water and a full understanding of what makes one hook hetter than another. A journey that invariably leads the experienced saltwater warrior to Lazer Sharp's live bait hook, A hook that is sharp without sacrificing strength - much like the fishermen who choose them


guidelines as far as hooks, line, rods and reels go," says Dan Jacobs, event manager. "This is simply a test of the best anglers in the world."

Contact Dan Jacobs at 407-571-4680, or visit

New Smyrna/Daytona Beach FishStock

May 27-30

FishStock is a saltwater lifestyle festival that hosts two of Ponce Inlet's best fishing competitions. Hosted by Sport Fishing, Hell's Bay Boatworks, Mercury and New Smyrna Beach, Florida, FishStock actually includes two tournaments: the New Smyma/Daytona Beach Striker tournament, which targets the area's wahoo, dolphin, king mackerel and mna, and the New Smyrna Beach Redfish-Trout Challenge, which targets the superb redfish and trout fishing in Mosquito Lagoon,

While hard-core fishermen search for big fish, those safely on land can join the area's top professionals for seminars on fishing techniques and hands-on demonstrations, Live weigh-ins from the tournaments wrap up each action-packed day, but the entire event is enticingly infused with fresh regional seafood delicacies from local vendors and restaurants.

FishStock also offers a free boat show at Riverside Park where spectators can view die latest boats, art exhibitions, fishing tackle and marine accessories.

There is also KidStock, where anglers between the ages of 6 and 16 can participate in a series of fishing clinics and learn everything from knot Wing to advanced fishing techniques. last year young anglers took home nearly 300 new fishing rod-and-reel combos. Contact Dan Jacobs at 407-571-4680, or visit 'www7,,

Antigua & Barbuda Sport Fishing Tournament

May 28-May 30

This year the tournament takes place in the new venue of Nelson's Dockyard Marina, rhe only working Georgian dockyard in the Caribbean and an unbeatable location for its facilities and fantastic atmosphere. A new tournament on the IGFA qualifier list, the event takes place over three days. Cash prizes are awarded for biggest

Live bait. Made in the USA.

  • Hie ORIGINAL Wiyft. Mil riror is I hie tournament
  • proves kinqotjcmeO. haft! ewlmbaits

Fasl-sinktro models now available, pius sinking and slow sinking Fast-sinking versore swim on the drop, without any angler action Perfec' tor power fishing due to their innovative engineering wh cti altows for o w do range ot retrieval speeds 8 s zes in all. ranging from 3 W Inches to 9"

Preferred swimbait on the BASS Elite Tour, kev '-re in 'whs by Todd Faircloth, Kenyon HII and Jason W lllamson

NEW! Magic Swimmer SOFT. with madly i he same »ok and swimming action ot the original but can be fished weed I ess,

Pre-marted rigging holes in nose and body for perfect hook placement Package includes theSEBILE Soft Weight Syslem Sturnilg hand-painted color finishes

Not fust a swimbait. but a very effective jerk bail; also deadly when fished on Texas. Carolina and D'op-Shot rigs

Tor Wagk: Swimmer fisfvng tips, and to see Ell models and colors, visit ™



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