Boating safety and facilities program

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The Boating Safety and Facilities Program (BSFP) is a State government funding program that plays an important role in making boating safer and more accessible for all Victorians.

The BSFP is funded by re-investing funds from recreational boat operator licensing fees and vessel registration revenue.

It allocates funds to individual grant-based projects initiated by community, agency or stakeholder groups and to State-wide programs initiated by Marine Safety Victoria.

The BSFP is divided into the following project categories:

  • Boating Facilities and Community Harbours
  • Search and Rescue
  • Aids to Navigation
  • Education and Training
  • Marine Communications

Over the past eight years, the BSFP has contributed over $36 million to projects initiated by boating, fishing and community groups, search and rescue organisations, local waterway authorities, government agencies and committees of management.

Of this contribution, in excess of $15 million has been directed into the development and upgrading of boat ramps and their associated infrastructure, including jetties, floating pontoons, trailer parking, lighting, navigation aids and signage, dredging and webcams.

The table below details the funding provided to the various waterways across the State. This funding has contributed to improving fishing access to waterways across Victoria.

Waterway Type

Funding provided

Waranga Basin


Port Phillip Bay


Western Port Bay


Corio Bay


Lady Bay
















Bass Strait




The Brumby Government is committed to investing in boating safety and facilities. For more information about the BSFP please contract the Grants Administration Team on freecall 1800 337 222 or by email msv. [email protected] or visit our website

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