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There are many unweighted spinners in use. June bug, swing, ripple, Colorado and Indiana blades are just a few of the blades used on these types of spinners. These spinners are built on a straight wire shaft. Usually an open loop shaft with a coil spring to hold the loop closed. You may also use the hook snap shaft which opens and closes easily.

Most of these spinners consist of a straight wire shaft, several beads, a coil spring, one or two spinner blades and a stirrup clevise for each blade. The coil spring permits the angler to quickly change hooks on-the-fly. The open looped shaft with coil spring may be substituted with a hook snap (easily opened and closed) or a looped shaft which must have hook attached with the aid of a split ring.

Hook Snap

Coil Spring


Straight Wire Shafts

Assorted Beads


Straight Wire Shafts

Assorted Blades

Assembling unweighted spinners

Assembling these popular spinners is very easy. Simply slide the coil spring down the open loop wire shaft to securely fasten the loop closed. Now slide the desired number of beads and spinner blade. Now simply form a closed looped on the end of the shaft. Use one of the methods mentioned earlier to form the closed loop.

coil spring

Hook Snap

Coil Spring open loop and coil-spring rig

NOTE: If making a double spinner simply crimp a size "0" connection sleeve, with an inside diameter of 0.033" onto the shaft at the desired location.

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