Tables for Weighted Spinners

Use the tables, on the next several pages, to assemble well balanced, functional spinners. Each table is for a different series of spinners. I have and continue to use most of the following spinners. I do have my own favourites but you have to decide for yourself which will be yours. The spinners meet the requirements of all fisherman. First, they are well balanced, have instantaneous blade spin the second the spinner hits the water. Which is exactly what you want in a spinner. Secondly, because they work so well they catch a lot of fish. Lastly, they just plain look good. Many anglers will simply not use a spinner if it does not look good. Well you can rest easy because these look good and catch a lot of fish.

The spinner bodies are listed in order from hook to clevise. So If you were to assemble a size "3" French spinner, a very popular spinner I might add, the spinner body would be made up as follows. First you have the "E" body right above the hook, then the "J" body resting on top of the "E" body and the "I" body (small disk used as a bearing) resting on top of the "J" body.

Beads are listed as their diameters. e.g. 3/32", 1/8", etc.. Notes below the table explain if the beads are hollow metal or solid brass or plastic.

Fish Recipes

Fish Recipes

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