Surgeons Loop

You will have to tie a loop knot at the other end of your line but only after the spinner components have been slid onto the rig.

There are a number of strong easy to tie loop knots around. The rapala loop knot is popular but for some reason some anglers have difficulty tying it. The Surgeon's End Loop is easier to tie and just as strong (about 80% line strength).

Surgeon's End Loop

O Double end of line to form loop and tie over hand knot at base of double line.

Leave loop open in knot and bring doubled line through once more.

Holding standing line and tag end and pull

©loop to tighten knot. Size of loop can be determined by pulling lose knot to desired position and holding it while knot is tightened. Trim tag end.

1. Thread the line through the hook eye about 8 inches. Hold the line against the hook shank and form a small loop.

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