Stainless Steel Wire Solid and Stranded

Wire is wire, right? Wrong! There are several types of wire and many different diameters. Each has its own use in lure making. There is single strand stainless steel wire which is used for virtually all spinners built around a wire shaft. Many anglers fishing for pike and musky make their wire leaders out of single strand wire. The advantage is the wire is smaller in diameter than equal strength nylon coated wire. Nylon Coa,in9

There are a few different brands of stranded stainless steel wire is six wires braided around a core wire with a thin coating of nylon covering the stranded wire. Stranded wire is used for leaders and walleye harnesses. It can easily be knotted or crimped using the proper sized connection sleeve.

Wire Shafts for Spinners

Stainless steel shafts canbe purchased ready made oryou can save money by forming them yourself from bulk wire. Cl°sed L°°_p_

There are three types of wire shafts: a) closed loop, b)

J r ' r ' Open Loop open loop, c) safety pin or hook snap.

Use a closed loop when you want to attach the hook to a Hook Snap spinner with a split ring. This permits the changing of £ hooks without having to take the spinner apart. Most large spinners use a closed loop shaft.

Use an open loop when you build most of your spinners. (See next section on building spinners.) It can be held closed by the spinner body or coil spring if making a bait hook spinner.

Use a hook snap when you build a spinner where you want to easily and quickly change hooks. These spinners are usually unweighted.

Wire Use Chart

Wire Diameter

Popular Uses for Different Wire Diameters


Leaders, stinger rigs


Leaders, stinger rigs


Spinners with blade sizes 0 to 4


Spinners with blade sizes 3 to 6


Spinners with blade sizes 3 to 6


Spinners with blade sizes 5 to 8, spinner baits


Musky spinners, spinner baits, buzz baits


Musky spinners, spinner baits, buzz baits

A note about making your own wire shafts. Always use spring tempered pre-straightened stainless steel wire. It is stronger, straighter than non-tempered and pre-straightened wire. A straight wire is important because if the shaft is not straight you will get spinner wobble. If the shaft is not spring tempered your bends may fail when playing a fish.

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