Spoon Doctoring

There are many adjustments you can do to your spoons to change their action. Try these on you spoons and you just might be amazed the change will have on the fish catching ability of your spoons. These tricks work on both casting and trolling spoons.

  1. Reverse the spoon. Put the hook on the front of the spoon and run the spoon backwards. It may not work on all spoons but it often changes the action (wobble) of the spoon considerably which is just what you need to get that fish to strike.
  2. Attach a small spinner blade to the split ring holding the hook. The blade will add extra flash to the spoon and will create a strike zone for the fish.
  3. Replace the treble hook with a siwash hook if you are losing fish. The siwash hook will penetrates deeper and holds better.
  4. Replace the treble hook with a treble dressed with a buck or calf tail. The spoon will run shallower and the extra bulk of the tail makes the spoon look larger. It will also give the fish a strike target.
  5. Remove the treble hook and slide a piece of coloured latex tubing onto the hook shank. It will give the fish a strike target.
  6. Make a spoon weedless by replacing the treble hook with a worm hook. Texas rig a plastic worm or plastic twister tail onto the hook. Now you can cast it into the weeds or work the bottom without the risk of losing your spoons.

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