Spinner Blades

Spinner Blade Angle

Spinner blades have to be the most confusing item in our catalogue. Just think, we sell more than ten different types of blades in multiple finishes and sizes. Each blade has a distinctive angle of rotation, vibration, feel, flash and popular use. A blades angle of rotation is determined by the broadness of the blade. As an example the Colorado blade is one of the most broad of the blades available and has the largest angle of rotation as well as having a great amount of water resistance. On the other hand the willowleaf blade is one of the most narrow blades with a small angle of rotation and thus has little water resistance.

The basic rule is the wider the blade the slower the spin, the narrower the blade faster the spin. Use a wide blade for a slow and shallow retrieve and use a narrow for a fast and deep retrieve.

Blade size is also an important consideration when making a spinner. A blade which is too large or small will effect the spinner's performance and balance. A spinner will not perform well if the blade is either oversized or undersized.

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