Putting the Spinnerbait Together

Before you begin assembling your spinnerbaits decide if you want a single or tandem spinnerbait. If you want a tandem bladed spinnerbait you must first put the secondary blade on the upper arm. Have your pair of needle nose pliers handy.

Tandem spinnerbaits only. Slide one or two beads on the upper arm. Then slide the blade down the upper arm. Now slide a few (2 to 3) beads down on top of the clevise. Always use at least one bead above and below the clevise.

Form loop here

^^ All spinnerbaits. Using your needle nose pliers form a small loop at the end of the upper arm. Leave enough room to insert the snap swivel.

Form loop here

How Attach Lure With Split Ring

Now insert the snap swivel or split ring into the loop. Now pinch the loop closed with your pliers. Attach the desired terminal blade on the swivel.

Now the last set is rather easy. Simply slide the skirt of your choice onto the shoulder of the molded body. That's it.

Note: Colorado blades will give your spinnerbait more lift and therefore can be retrieved shallower and more slowly. Willow leaf blades on the other hand will let you retrieve more quickly and deeper.

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