Painting Your Components

You can easily paint most of your components by following this simple guide. Remember to always paint in a well ventilated area. Many paints produce strong odours and vapours which I—" may cause serious injury.

Tips for Brushing

Brushing is by far easiest method and requires the least preparation. Use a small 1/4" brush. Always use several thin coats instead of one heavy coat. Paint very carefully and avoid overlapping strokes.

Tips for Dipping

Always thin the paint you are using to prevent drips from drying on the lure. If drips develop on the lure thin the paint a little more. Dip the lure several times, letting it dry before each dip. Tip: After the white base coat dip 2/3's of the lure in bright red, orange or chartreuse for a great looking lure.

Tips for Spraying

Small cans of spray paint are a great way to add dashes of colour to any lure. Use a small piece of screen or nylon mesh and tape it on the lure. Spray over mesh to create a fish scale effect.

Drying Rack

Most components will dry more evenly if they are hung too dry. Make a simple drying rack with a few scrap pieces of wood, an old window frame, or cardboard box. Hang a length of bathtub bead chain or small link chain to serve as lure / component holders. The chain prevents the components from sliding together.

Painting Eyes

Painting eyes is a simple affair. Use several sizes of nails with different sized heads. Simply dip the nail head into the paint and then touch the lure lightly. With a little practice you will be painting eyes and pupils.

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