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Spinners are by far Canada's favourite lure. The reasons for their popularity is rather simple. They catch a lot of fish. More than any other lure. They work well in both clear and murky water conditions. The revolving blade creates a fish attracting flash which is visible in clear water from great distances. In murky water the blade vibration attracts fish from great distances. Clearly, spinners are the most effective and popular lure so I will dedicate a lot of space to their assembly.

Spinners are easy and inexpensive to make. I am sure after you make a few spinners you will quickly become hooked on making spinners. From then on you will never need to buy another spinner. Remember, there is no single right way of making a spinner from scratch. Nor is there only one right combination of spinner bodies, beads, or blades to make a perfect spinner. Over the years I have made tens of thousands of spinners in all shapes and sizes for all game fish. The tables in the following pages list spinner bodies, blades, hooks, and beads combinations which when assembled in proper order will make well balanced and easy blade rotation spinners. These are my favourite spinners. You will be the one who ultimately determines which components to use. Do not limit yourself to only the spinners designs I list in this book. Experiment, experiment and experiment with your own designs. There exists a limitless array of spinner designs.

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