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Stinger rigs are a great way of catching those short striking fish. Use stingers with jigs and other baits. Make your own using a short length of nylon coated wire, monofiliment or even a length of single strand 0.012" wire and attach to a quick clip attachment and treble hook.

Quick Clip Attachment

Look over the Standard Crimping Method to review how to connect the treble and quick clip attachment to the wire. I recommend that you use a small treble size 10 or 12. If fishing for very large fish use a size 8 or 6 treble. A short shank, wide bend treble will perform better than a regular treble.

Quick Clip Attachment

Connection Sleeves

Connection Sleeves

Large Bucktail Trebles

Large pike and musky spinners are not much without a large bucktail dressed treble on the end of the spinner. These large dressed hooks add much bulkiness and colour to the spinner. Tying large bucktail dressed trebles is a little tricky and requires a little practice.

Smaller Squirrel & Calf Tail Trebles

Likewise small dresses trebles dressed with calftail add a degree of attractive powers to both the angler and the fish. You probably already realize that most commercial spinners which have a dressed treble sell at a large premium over plain spinners. The cost of purchasing a dressed treble is close to or more than the cost of all components going into the spinner. So the advantages of tying your own dressed trebles is sure to help your wallet.

Bucktail Jigs

Tying bucktail jigs is very similar to tying bucktail trebles. Use a jig without barbs. If your j igs have barbs simply remove the barb by cutting it off. Most anglers paint the jig head before tying while others prefer to dip the jig head and thread wrapping into the paint because the thread wrappings become coated with a layer of paint.

Before you begin tying trebles you will need a few basic tools. You will require a hook vise, a bobbin and a small pair of clippers (scissors).

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