Large Willow Leaf Bucktail Spinners

These spinners are very much like the above Fluted Bucktail spinner except the blade used is an oversized willow leaf blade. The advantage with a willow leaf blade is that this spinner can be fished much deeper than the French or the Fluted bucktail spinner. Every serious pike and musky angler should have a selection of these large willow leaf bucktail spinners.

Large Willow Leaf Bucktail Spinner Component Chart


Hook Body Bearing Clevise Blade Size


No. 6

3/0 5/16",F, 5/32" 4 6


No. 7

4/011/32",11/32",F,9/32" 5/32" 4 or 6 7


Use solid brass beads on all of these spinners.

Use solid brass beads on all of these spinners.

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