Well, here it is! The guide many of you have waited many years for. I am sure you are much like I am. Whenever I sit at my work bench and begin making a few lures my mind begins to drift off into nowhere land. I begin thinking of fishing trips, and I even recollect the many individual fish I've taken in the past and dream of trips and excursions of the future.

This is an updated version of my first guidebook. I've added many new illustrations and many more details. The instructions to making more lures and many more tips which I hope will make your tackle making life more enjoyable.

What you will read here is information gathered from my own experience, as well from many of you who have been making and selling tackle for years. I would like to take this opportunity to thank many of the tackle manufactures and fishing guides who I am in contact with on a regular basis and do not hesitate to share valuable information on the making of fishing tackle.

I hope you find this guidebook easy to follow, practical and most of all I hope it gets you started in what I believe is an incredibly fun hobby or possibly even a business. This manual has been written with the simple goal of introducing anglers to the world of luremaking in a concise and practical manner. As owner of Real Pro's SportFishing I am lucky to speak with thousands of anglers across Canada and the United States each year, many of whom said they wanted a simple guide to making the most practical lures.

Please remember that not every lure you assemble, design from scratch, or copy from a brand name lure will work perfectly without a little tinkering or redesigning. It would be great if they all worked on our first attempt. Don't get discouraged if a few, or even all of them don't work out as planned. Be prepared to take a few apart and rebuild them from scratch. It's part of the fun. But in no time at all you too will be building a wide variety of incredible fish catching lures.

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Fish Recipes

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