Design Elements of a Weighted Spinner

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Take a good look at the spinner shown here. Note the different parts and their names.

Take a good look at the spinner shown here. Note the different parts and their names.

Spinner Lure Making

The most important element of a good working spinner is balance. You must have a well balanced spinner. An unbalanced spinner will either have spinner wobble, improper blade rotation or no blade rotation at all. What I mean by balance is simply balance the weight of the spinner so the weight is spread evenly over the length of the spinner body. Don't overweight your spinners or the blades will not rotate properly.

Blade and Length

The style of blade you choose to use is up to you but remember the key to a successful spinner is it's blade. Because there are so many different styles of blades, I can only recommend that you make spinners using different blades so you can get a feel for the blade's reponsiveness. But take note, the blade, with a few exceptions, when hanging on a spinner when held upright should extend just past the spinner body.


The clevise holds the blade to the spinner shaft. Most blades with a few exceptions require a clevise. Always use a stirrup clevise when making spinners using a wire shaft. Your blade will spin more freely. Never place any beads above the clevise. These would serve no useful purpose other than to put more friction on the clevise and make your spinner less effective.


Always have a bearing between the clevise and spinner body. The bearing can be a small metal or plastic bead or a small brass disk (body "I"). The purpose is to reduce friction so the blade can spin more freely. Never let a spinner leave the workshop without a proper bearing.

Spinner Body

The spinner body serves two purposes on weighted spinners. First, it weights the spinner so it may be cast easily and more importantly reach the depth the fish are holding. Which is one reason why you might have to have a few spinners with the same blade but differently weighted bodies. Secondly, it adds to the overall fish attracting features of the spinner. It must also be well balanced. Never overlook the possibility of using solid brass beads as spinner bodies. They are great for maximizing weight.

Wire Shafts

Aside from the gauge of the wire shaft you have two choices in shafts. Open or Closed looped shafts. I prefer open loop shafts for my smaller spinners and closed loop shafts for my larger musky and pike spinners. A spinner can be made much more quickly with an open loop and you also save the step of having to use a split ring to attach the hook to the spinner.

Dressed Trebles/Shank Tubing Dressed trebles and shank tubing have nothing to do y with spinner function and everything to do with -j||| attraction. Tie your own trebles or purchase them -ill pre-tied but do have a few handy. Don't forget to keep a supply of hook shank tubing. Latex tubing is the absolute best available. The fluorescent colours just scream fish attraction. The bright fluorescent colours helps direct the fish to strike at the hook.

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