Blades Spoon Brass Spinner Bodies

It is recommended that you use lacquer paints, also called car paint. Many colours are available through automotive departments in spray cans. Enamel paint may also be used but they dry very slowly.

Blade Preparation

Before you actually paint any brass or nickel plated metal, it should be etched.

Etching will clean the blade and allow the paint to adhere very well. If you decide not to etch the blade the paint may chip and peel more easily. Simply dip your blade or body into the etching solution, available at painting supply stores, and allow to dry completely.

Apply Spray Paint

Now hang the blade or lay them out for painting. First, spray each component with a high quality "white" metal primer. After the primer is dry you may apply the final coat of paint in the desired colour. Always use a white primer, because all fluorescent colours require a white undercoat first. It is the white undercoat which creates the fluorescent brilliance to the colour.

Applying paint with a spray can is easy but does require a little practice so practice on a few spare blades first. To add patterns such as scales or other patterns spray paint through nylon netting material. Try nettings of different sizes and patterns you may surprise yourself.

Spinner Bodies

Many anglers like to paint the small groves found on many of our brass spinner bodies. A simple method to paint these groves is to use a small rag and dip a corner of the rag into the paint then gently rub the spinner body on the rag until the groves are filled with paint then wipe excess paint from the remainder of the body.

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