Blade Surfaces

The blade surface may be smooth, hammered, fluted or ribbed. These are often a matter of preference to the angler, but there is a difference between the surfaces.

Smooth Blades: Smooth blades are generally the most popular blade. The surface is smooth and thus creates the least amount of water resistance.

Hammered Blades: Hammered blades have many small dimples stamped into the blade. These dimples effect the blade in two ways. First the dimples create some additional water resistance which creates a small amount of additional vibration. Secondly, they reflect light (flash) differently, reflecting light (flash) in many directions at once.

Fluted and Ribbed Blades: Fluted or ribbed blades effect the way light is reflected (flash) and the way the water slides over the blade. The light is reflected in several directions at once. Many anglers will exclusively use fluted blades for big bass, pike and musky.

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