Blade Finishes

Polished Brass: Is a brass blade stamped and polished. It will tarnish over time. A tarnished blade is often exactly what you want. I often purposely tarnish blades to make a less flashy spinner. Have you ever wondered why some old tarnished spinners catch so many fish? Usually it is because the fish are a little nervous of too much flash.

Polished & Lacquered: Is a brass or copper blade stamped and polished then lacquered. The lacquer protects the blade from tarnishing.

Copper: These blades are much more expensive than brass or plated blades. Copper blades are great in dark water, copper tarnishes quickly and becomes very dark . Copper is great when you need a dark blade to minimize flash but maximize vibration. If you want the polished copper finish to remain over time your must purchase a lacquered blade or lacquer them yourself.

Plated: Plated blades are available in several different finishes. Popular plated finishes are nickel, black nickel, genuine silver, and genuine gold. Nickel plate is by far the most popular because they produce a bright flash which attracts fish from great distances. Black nickel plate is used when you wish to minimize flash. Genuine silver plate is brighter than nickel and will reflect more light than nickel plate. However, silver plated blades must be lacquered in order to prevent them from tarnishing. Genuine gold plate gives off a deep yellow flash that is brighter than polished brass.

Painted: Painted blades are blades that have been etched, primed, then painted with the desired colour ofpaint. They are available in a wide range of colours. Real Pro's SportFishing stocks painted Colorado blades in red, blue, orange, chartreuse, green, pink, yellow, white, black, purple and glow-in-the-dark. We have the largest selection of painted Colorado blades in Canada. In addition to painted blades there are striped and five of diamond blades. Striped blades have a different colour stripe painted over the base colour, while five of diamond blades have five diamonds of a different colour painted over top of the base colour.

Laser Fleck: Laser Fleck blades are blades which might have been painted or plated then lacquered and in the lacquer are tiny flecks of gold or silver material. These flecks help reflect light in all directions at once. You can easily make your own laser fleck blades by first dipping the blade into a clear lacquer then by sprinkling glitter onto the blade.

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