Assembling Your Spinner

Now for the fun stuff. First decide which hook(s), blades, and beads you will be using and whether you will be using nylon coated wire or monofiliment. If you will be using wire you may prefer to use connection sleeves instead of tying the knots. If using monofiliment it is recommended that you use the lightest line as is practical.

Walleye Harnesses

Harnesses are generally tied onto a length of monofiliment of three to six feet long. Cut a length of monofiliment line and snell on the hook(s). Slide on beads, float(s) and blade(s) and tie end loop. Many anglers will use a crane swivel instead of a loop knot.


Casting Harneses are generally much shorter than trolling harnesses. There are often six to ten inches long when complete and tied on monofiliment or nylon

Harnesses are usually fished by trolling or drifting. To get the rig down to the strike zone you will have to use a weight system. Popular weight systems include the use of walking sinkers, bottom bouncers, and three way swivels with a dropper line attached to a bell sinker or split shot (also known as a wolf river rig).

Bell Sinker Fishing Line

Typical Worm Harness

Typical Casting Harness

Typical Worm Harness

Typical Casting Harness

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