Ice Fishing Secrets

Ice Fishing Secrets

This eBook gives all the secrets of ice fishing from long-time ice fishing expert Ryan Scott. He has been ice fishing since the age of 10 and has had over 21 years of ice fishing experience. In this eBook Ryan shows the secrets that can take you from being a beginner or amateur ice fishing to becoming an experienced expert in the area of ice fishing. This guide shows where to find the best fishing holes around the world, how to break the ice quickly, feeding times of fish to max out your catch for the day, and the depth you should cast your bait to catch different types of fish. If you get this book, you get a FREE eBook Ice Fishing Success, The Lost Secrets Of Our Fore Fathers, which is a manuscript published over 100 years ago that tells of how the real old-timers caught fish on the ice. Ryan's experience can help take you from catching no fish to catching as many fish is he pulls in in a day! More here...

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Highly Recommended

I've really worked on the chapters in this ebook and can only say that if you put in the time you will never revert back to your old methods.

All the modules inside this book are very detailed and explanatory, there is nothing as comprehensive as this guide.

Russian Jigging Spoons

Jigging Rod Spring Bobbers

Ice Fishing With Jigging Lures Lures designed specifically for ice fishing are usua11y the best choice, but you can also jig through the ice with spoons, jigs and vibrating blades. And, many ang1ers have found that ice fishing lures work equally well in open water. Jigging lures designed for ice fishing include the following classes Jigging spoons designed for ice fishing are similar to those used in open water, a1though most are smaller and narrower. These lures have llttle action when pulled upward, but tumble to the side when allowed to sink with slack line. Ang1ers often tip these lures with whole or cut minnows, or fish eyes. Jigging spoons should be attached with a split ring. EGGING LURES for ice fishing include side-planers, like (1) Jigging Rapala , (2) Jig-A-Whopper, (3) Pilkki, (4) Thing-Arna-Jig , (5) Jig-A-Spoon, (6) Rembrandt, (7) Swedish Pimple , (8) Do-Jigger, (9) Port Clinton, (10) Geno's Jigger, (11) Russian Hook, (12) Air-Plane. Teardrops and ice flies include (13)...

In the dark winter night

Whopper Fish Ice Fishing

Ice fishing, angling through a hole in the ice, is a Finnish speciality offering unforgettable experiences. Angling for a pike and perch is common throughout the country, but whitefish and burbot are also popular catches. Choose the fishing location that suits you best, because obtaining permits to fish in Finnish waters couldn't be simpler. With a few exceptions, no permit is required for basic angling with a hook and line - in summer or in winter in the form of ice fishing. In other words, angling and ice fishing may be enjoyed completely free of charge. Two documents are required when fishing by means other than basic angling or ice-fishing. The first is a receipt for payment of the fishing management fee, the second the actual fishing permit. The rich diversity of the archipelago and the open sea means you can fish for a variety of species using different methods. The sea is the main arena for great fishing in all seasons, whether you are fishing through the ice in the winter or...

Tampere region

Fishing Kyrosjarvi Finland

The Tampere Region is in the western part of the Finnish Lake District and offers a diverse range of fishing sites to suit every taste. After all, there's no shortage of water, it covers 15 of the total area. There are 2,571 lakes of over one hectare and 20 lakes over 2000 hectares in the region. The open-water fishing season lasts from when the ice melts in early May to the end of November. The ice-fishing season lasts from December to early April. In addition to the major water routes, many small lakes are ideal for angling and ice-fishing perch and cyprinids.

Whatever the season

Perch is the fishers best friend the national fish of Finland, it is found throughout the country and bites readily at all times of the year. In winter, the best method of catching perch is ice fishing and angling with a hook and line in summer. Angling is also a good means of catching other, fairly common fish roach, bream, id and other fish of the same family in late spring or summer. For example, the best time for id angling is between 15 April and 15 May in Southern Finland. The prime lure fishing season for pike is spring and autumn, but pike can be drawn out of their hiding places throughout the open water season. The best time for sea trout fishing is in April-May and SeptemberNovember. But in some years, December is a very good time for trout trolling, just before the ice comes. Grayling, salmon, brown trout and whitefish bite eagerly in the summer and autumn, particularly in rivers and rapids. And if you are interested in salmon trolling on the open sea you should fish in...

LAKE fishing

In summer, angling from both shore and boat is a popular pastime. In winter ice fishing, angling throught a hole in the ice, is a typically Finnish phenomenon, and an experience that should not be missed. The main catch for anglers and ice fishers throughout Finland is perch. With ice fishing they also catch whitefish, pike, burbot and in north Finland grayling and arctic char.

SEA fishing

Finland Ice Fishing Boats

And pike-perch is trolled from boats in mid-summer. Ice fishing for perch, pike and burbot is also possible on the sea in deepest winter. Ice fishing for burbot is a very special kind of ice fishing because it takes place in the dark night January-February The greatest chance to catch a char on a rod is during the spring and the autumn. The best season for ice fishing is April-May in Lapland. Please find Additional information in fishing areas section.

Northwest of finland


Area on the rivers Lataseno, Muonio-Torniojoki and on lake Rostojarvi. Lake fishing specialities in the Muonio area include seine fishing for whitefish on lake Jerisjarvi and at the beginning of September, net fishing for ven-dace. In winter as soon as the spring sun starts to appear, ice fishing trips are made to the best arctic char lakes in the Kilpisjarvi fell area. Weather permitting, we also arrange sea fishing trips throughout the year on the Arctic Ocean at Skibotn.

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