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SQUIRREL tails wanted

OFFICE one: block west

Why does Mepps only buy and use squirrel tails? Why not other tails? The fact is squirrel tails are all hair. . . no fur. Practically all other animals have fur tails with just a few guard hairs. Fur doesn't work on our spinners as - in the water - it doesn't have the rippling, pulsating movement of squirrel hair. Squirrels are also plentiful. According to government figures more than 30 million squirrels are harvested by hunters each year. Because squirrels are prolific, raising two to four, sometimes more young a year, hunting hardly reduces their numbers. Squirrel is also some of the best wild meat and hunting them in their natural habitat is a challenge for the small game hunter. Squirrel skins are used for caps, fur coats, glove linings and many other items. However, the tail is usually thrown away. This is a waste of a resource. If you hunt squirrels, we're asking you not to waste this resource.

For all usable grey, fox & black squirrel tails we pay the following...

Count Average Tails Premium Tails under 100 16C each 20C each over 100 over 500 over 1000

19C each 2K each 22C each

23C each 25C each 26C each

Double the cash value of your tails by exchanging them for Mepps spinners from this catalog. Please give us the stock numbers of the items you want when you send us the tails.

fD Oi fD d

fD 3

Care & Handling of Squirrel Tails (Please follow carefully)

  1. Tails are best on squirrels taken after October 1.
  2. Do NOT remove the bone from the tail; deboned & split tails have no value.
  3. Salt the butt end of the tail generously. Use either dry salt or dip in a strong saltwater solution.
  4. Be sure the tail is straight before drying. Tails that dry curled are useless.
  5. Keep tails away from flies. Best storage is in a freezer. Do NOT send tails that have been exposed to flies.
  6. Do NOT put tails in a plastic bag for storage or shipment. They could heat-up and spoil.
  7. The best time to ship is during the cold months (December, January, February, March), although dried squirrel tails may be shipped anytime.
  8. Put your name, mailing address and phone number or e-mail address, along with the tail count inside EACH package.
  9. Shipping refunded on shipments of 50 tails or more. Ship surface UPS or First Class mail only. No refund on insurance charges, or service fees charged by independent mailing services.

Send tails to: Sheldons', Inc., 626 Center St., Antigo, WI 54409-2496


Squirrel tails cannot be sold in CA, ID, OR & TX.

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