Other Winging Feathers

The technique outlined above applies in general to wings tied from quill feathers such as the duck family, swan, crow and even the domestic pigeon. Wet fly wings are also tied from contour feathers such as the black and white feathers from the mountain duck - the fly tying dealer will show you 'teal' a similar feather but with clearer marking from England; and the flank feathers from the mallard - these are also available from the tackle dealers.

However we will return to the white tipped wild duck feathers used to tie the effective Pevril 0' the Peak in Chapter 9 and the difficult hen pheasant which requires double slips in the dry fly wings. The turkey and the black crow feathers used in the wet wing style of the Muddler Minnow will be discussed in Chapter 10, but the method of construction is given below. (See Figure 8.18)

To tie the 'teal' wing you would find a most attractive fly in the Peter Ross. A tail of golden pheasant tippets is tied in first, then at the bend tie in a piece of silver lurex and a piece of silver oval - a ribbing material sold which consists of a central thread with silver tinsel wrapped around it. Half a body length of flat silver lurex is wound, then the fore half of the body a bright red wool or seals' fur is, dubbed. The oval silver is used to rib the complete body. A black hen or cock wet hackle is made and the wings tied over the top of this.

The wing is either tied with two strips of feather from either side of a large feather (See Figure 8.18) or the complete feather folded down and simply tied in.










Figure 8.18 Construction of the Peter Ross


Figure 8.18 Construction of the Peter Ross




A very similar technique is used to tie the most effective and under-used (in Australia) Mallard and Claret. The dressing is:

Hook: 10-14

Tail: Golden Pheasant tippets

Body: Claret dyed seals fur or Seal-ex, ribbed gold

Wing: Mallard flank feather tied as for the Peter Ross above.

Hackle: Either dyed claret or a red cock.

Southern Fly Fisher members Mike and Mike Williamson Jnr. combine the two and use a claret seals' fur body with 'teal' wet wing with great success in the Goulburn. In fact, Mike Snr. says he needs no other fly!

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  2. Big Alex

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Scale: 3:4

Hook No: 10-12

Page No: 162

Scale: 1:1

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Page No: 164 Page No: 165 Page No: 165

133. Shrimp

Hook No: 12-14

Page No: 166

Scale: 3:4

134. Upside Down Parachute Royal Coachman Hook No: 12-14

Scale: 1:1

136. Royal Wulff 137. Dr. Wark's Special 138. Graeme Mole's

(Clark tie) Spinner

  1. Poly Wing Hook No: 12 Scale: 1:1
  2. Horner Shrimp Hook No: 12 Scale: 1:1
  3. Cocky Spinner Hook No: 14 Page No: 28 Scale: 1:1
Crows Flying Upside Down
  1. Highland Dun Hook No: 14 Scale: 1:1
  2. Arthur Smith's Up-sidedown Keel Hook Hook No: Keel hook No. 10 Page No: 15 Scale: 3:4

144. Fraser Park Beetle Hook No: 12 Scale: 1:1













5.19 A Mallard & Claret B. The Williamson Goulburn River Fly

The turkey brown wing and the black crow wing for Muddlers is constructed out of a single wing strip. The author is indebted to Terry Connell the Southern Fly Fishers member from Tasmania who 'discovered' the Quill-body Cochybondhu in New Zealand.

Terry takes a strip of feather four times as wide as the required wing and divides this in the middle. One strip is turned over and placed on top of the other. See Figure 8.20 The double strip is then folded in half. A moments smoothing with the fingers and with the possible use of some fly tiers' lubricant the wing is shaped as a wet wing.

This method might not find favour with the judges of fly tying competitions, but the wing is effective, neat and the fish again do not seem to mind.

Figure 8.20 Terry Connell's Wing Construction
Practical Fly Fishing

Practical Fly Fishing

Here then is Practical Fly Fishing, a companion book to my Practical Bait Casting, and like that little work this is offered mainly as a text book to help the novice through places where there is rocky bottom, rough water and other hard wading.

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